Peripheral Punch on at Prahran

Peripheral Punch on at Prahran

I love film. Secret Kodak gold, a hidden surprise til I picked up the developed roll the following week.

With Pat & Cuzza already warming Melbourne's trannies and his new girlfriend Isabella (who he recently met at Splendour in the Grass) offering a lift, it wasn’t long before Redcliffe’s finest bowl beni-ing, booger flicker was reaching for my tobacco and crashing on my couch.  

Mashy was on the mend after breaking his foot in four places so I was expecting a mellow afternoon skate with the possibility of a couple exposures on a recent 35mm opshop find.   


Mashy blocks his heel while his beautiful festival sprouter looks up and Pat films an insta-banger

With the neighbouring flats literally screaming for attention, I included them in this shot when the baller in black politely asks if I could change my angle to exclude him

Not in the mood to argue, the fisheye is back on. Nosepick with a backjoot grab so good that the rubbernecking bmx bandits reconsider their mode of transport   

Bella contemplates next years line up as Mashy checks Pat’s edit. Wait, a, second, my new mate the baller in black has just laid a dude the fuck out!

It's rare to see a fight in the midst and Pat bump fists instead of a face

Words & Photos by Curtis Hay

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