Road to Orana

Recently the guys at Totem Skateboarding threw a whole bunch of events in a whole bunch of towns across NSW. There were skate comps, demos, lessons, sausage sizzles, product tosses and heaps of excited kids. Totem facilitated 33 events in 30 days, travelling about 7000 km’s. Behind the scenes, there was a bit of street skating, a lot of driving, some raging campfires, beautiful campsites, bakery trips, counter meals and a few cheeky beers here and there. It was a fun, rewarding and sometimes chaotic succession of events that has come to be known as The Road to Orana. Along for the ride were Nigel and Dave Cameron, Mitchell Howse (Mashy), Ryder Lawson, Chris Vaughan, George Kousoulis, Jack Paterson, Cameron Markin, his dog Guv, and Nat Kassel.

Filmed and edited by George Kousoulis

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